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The Girl Behind Lemon Cat!

The Girl Behind Lemon Cat!

It's been ages since we last posted a blog! Finally, we have a reason to start posting again. Let us introduce to the girl we collaborated with for our new collection, The Brunch Club!

This is a small project with a talented upcoming illustrator and tattoo artist known as Super Mojo. For this collection, we've decided to design a phone grip that is perfect for daily use. We know you'd like to know more about the artist behind the creative designer of our Lemon Cat Phone Grip, so we've collected a few details about her artistic journey!


Tell us about your art-design background

Actually a lot of people think i studied art but i actually graduated in e-commerce & marketing. I always have stronger interests towards art and illustration more than anything else and I’ve decided to pursue my career towards art and implementing new ideas and techniques as I learn along the way. 

How would you describe your style? 

My style focuses on old school japanese / american aesthetic. I love to freestyle between blending dark tones with elements that has pop-up colours to make them unique.

What’s been your proudest moment so far?

It’s always been my dream to make something fun and usable . Never thought of have the chances to do so, and collaborations with local brands. I’ve collaborated with Bang Bang Zine. Now, I got the chance collab with my dearest friend, MO which we came up with the Lemon Cat Phone Grip. Our different vibes together creates an interestingly unique style. Hoping that there is more to come,soon!


What inspires you and do you have any artists you admire?

I love so many things, too many too many! But Valen Lim inspired me a lot in many different ways. 

So how can we find SuperMojo?

You can just dm me through my art instagram @supermojo__ otherwise you can meet me at Piu Piu Piu Coffee Bar because I brew coffee sometimes! You can also find my merchandise there.


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