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Bayu For Eid : MO x Quirky Offdays

Bayu For Eid : MO x Quirky Offdays

Shout out to our partner ; Quirky Offdays who collaborated with us to produce these amazing pieces for Bayu for Eid! Based in Singapore, Quirky Offdays is a creative studio that produces hand-drawn illustrations ; art prints as well as styling / decorating wonderful little parties. 

Apart from creating amazing pieces, this union between MO and Quirky Offdays is to set a small reminder to our followers in that we too do other collections such as postcards, money packets and digital wallpaper n relation to Hari Raya 2019.

Combining contemporary watercolour strokes in soft neutral heus and had-drawn illustration as part of our Bayu For Eid Collection

Free Digital Wallpaper  : MO x Quirky Offdays

( click the link below to download )

Wallpaper Design 1

Wallpaper Design 2

Wallpaper Design 3

Wallpaper Design 4

Dive into @quirkyoffdays to be amazed with other artsy fartsy stuff that they have created!

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